Why the Mandala Symbol?

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Mandalas are used by people in many cultures to find spiritual or emotional wholeness and help them look deep within to find peace, strength, and a sense of universal connectedness.   Mandalas are both beautiful pieces of art and a meditative journey for the creator/artist.  Janine feels like the symbolism of the Mandala is beautifully relevant to out of hospital midwifery care, the holistic health journey of many of her clients, and those in the childbearing year.

If you want to explore what Mandalas mean for you, we recommend you check out these websites:

The Mandala Journey, Amy Hadereer-Swagman http://themandalajourney.com/

The Mandala Project, Lori Bailey Cunningham http://www.mandalaproject.org/What/

Tibetan Healing Mandala http://www.asia.si.edu/exhibitions/online/mandala/mandala.htm

Spiritual Awakenings http://spiritualawakening.weebly.com/mandalas-what-are-they.html

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