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We get lots of requests for local LGBTQ fertility and family building resources so here is Mandala’s working document that we share with our clients.  Please note this is simply a resource list and not a list of recommendations.  Most items on this list come recommended by other LGBTQ people but not all.  Also it is not a comprehensive list of all local resources by any means!  

 When it comes to culturally competent care/services, Mandala Midwifery Care encourages all LGBTQ individuals to properly vet providers and organizations to ensure a good experience. If you have recommendations to add to this list or if you have experiences with local resources – good or bad – we would love to hear about them.   

Updated – 9/15/17

Books The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy and Birth by Stephanie Brill
A Donor Insemination Guide, Written By and For Lesbian Women by Mary Mohler and Lacy Frazer
Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
Web Resources Taking Charge of Your Fertility –
Fertility Plus –
Local Organizations Family Equity Council – Midwest office –
Twin Cities Queer Families Face Book group
Queer Birth Project
Family Practice/Midwifery Clinics Mandala Midwifery Care

(fertility consultations/information sessions, cycle tracking & monitoring, ICIs and IUIs – in office or in your home)

Fairview Uptown Clinic
Dr. Rachael Rapacz or Dr. Maria Kaefer, Hennepin County Medical Center
OB/GYN Clinics Park Nicollet Clinics – Dr. Deb Thorp & Colleagues
Women’s Health Consultants – Abbott (Some LGBTQ folks are reporting mixed results when seeking care here)
Reproductive Endocrinologists (Please note these are the active RE clinics and may or may not be providing culturally competent care for our community at any given time. )
U of M Reproductive Medicine Center (Closed Summer 2015)
Center for Reproductive Medicine and Advanced Reproductive Technologies (Other LGBTQ individuals recommend not using Dr. Campbell)
Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates

Midwest Center for Reproductive Health

Reproductive Endocrinology  and Infertility Department, Mayo Clinic
Sperm Banks Cryogenic Laboratories
Xytex Sperm Bank
Pacific Reproductive Services  (lesbian owned)
Fairfax Cryobank (now owns the Roseville Cryobank)
Seattle Sperm Bank

California Cryobank

The Midwest Sperm Bank

Surrogacy Minnesota
International Assisted Reproduction Center
Surrogate Moms Online, LLC
Adoption Children’s Home Society/Lutheran Social Services
Gay Dad Specific The Pop Luck Club
GLBTQ Family Law Attorneys Davis Law Office
Suzanne Born
Ann Viitala
Trans/Genderfluid Specific Directory of Trans friendly birth professionals
 Acupuncture Kim Christensen

Julie Colby

For economical options (may or may not offer LGBTQ competent care) check out our many community acupuncture clinics at

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