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Janine Stiles, CPM

Twin Cities midwife Janine Stiles, CPM, has been supporting families through pregnancy and birth in some fashion since 2006.  She provides home birth, fertility and insemination care in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and beyond.  Her midwifery training was grounded in the apprenticeship model, learning the traditional midwifery model of care from local and international midwives.  In addition to attending hundreds of births as a doula and midwife, Janine has an extensive background teaching childbirth classes and conducting trainings for other birth professionals.  She is passionate about serving all family types and is committed to providing culturally competent and appropriate care no matter how individuals identify.  Janine is a Minnesota midwife that loves watching families grow and bearing witness to the amazing transformations they can undergo.  She lives with her family on their “urban farm” in Minneapolis.

Twin cities midwife home birth

Janine maintains certifications in both CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation.  In addition, she is an active member of Minnesota’s home birth midwifery community and is active in her professional organizations.



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